The late 1900s left downtown Los Angeles in a state of tragic decay. With economic collapse affecting much of the American population, the city became less than a desirable place to entertain a group of friends, enjoy a good meal or take a date. Luckily, some brave business owners have moved into the downtown area, and you can now find open doors and lively crowds at almost any time of the day or night.

Part of the buzz of revival for this downtown area is the soon-to-expand quarters of Bottega Louie. This restaurant selected the ground floor of the Brockman Building (an Adaptive Reuse Project) on the corner of Grand and 7th in 2007, but it didn't open doors to the public until 2009. In addition to the restaurant which seats 185 people, the space includes a gourmet market, bar and café.

Now, the owners have announced plans to expand into a building across 7th Street. The new building will house the company's Los Angeles office and will provide space for training programs, a kitchen and a new sampling and tasting room, as well as its on-line sale operation. The intention is to bring all elements of the Bottega Louie business into one area where they can thrive and grow together.

In spite of MANY challenges, CCDG made the expansion of Bottega Louie to their new place in 617 W 7th Street building possible. As Mr. John Herman (C.E.O. / Managing Director of Bottega Louie) said in an email to Hamid Behdad (CCDG President):  “Thank YOU Hamid!  We couldn’t have done this without you!”

Welcome to Bottega Louie

This isn't the type of restaurant where you settle in with a bottle of wine for a calm meal by the fire. While the décor will make you feel as if you are dining in a luxurious palace, Bottega Louie is actually one of the loudest and most active restaurants in downtown L.A!

Large groups gather around the tables on a nightly basis. Waiters and other staff members buzz around in a hurry to keep guests comfortable and satisfied. Lines of people wait for tables to open up, since the restaurant does not accept reservations. The noise makes it difficult to carry on a serious conversation, but it contributes to a dynamic dining environment that fans of the restaurant enjoy.

Bottega Louie is also known for its lengthy menu that includes Portobello fries, macarons and other specialties. From the salads to the pizza and the enormous list of side dishes, this is a restaurant that promises to please every palate. Yet, the prices are reasonable, so you don't have to hold your breath waiting for the check to arrive.

Due to overwhelming support from the L.A. community and guests visiting the restaurant from near and far, Yelp named Bottega Louie the most popular restaurant for 2011. While many people thought the owners were going too far when they took two years to renovate and decorate the 10,000-square foot downtown space with luxurious décor, the restaurant continues to thrive as a valued part of a revitalized downtown restaurant community.


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